Laser engraving on glass creates a clean, frosted, precision-etched look without putting physical pressure on the glass. Even bottles filled with liquid can be laser engraved.

Laser processing is a great alternative to sandblasting and other glass etching methods. Champagne flutes, wine glasses and even wine bottles can be laser marked using our rotary attachment.



Most bare metals can be laser marked with the use of marking compounds. Anodized aluminum can be directly marked with a laser and the high contrast image produced is ideal for serial tags, identification plates and two-dimensional barcodes. Laser marking on metal delivers highly durable marks without sacrificing material integrity.

Using the power and speed of lasers we provide; high contrast, permanent marks on a variety of substrates, including steel, aircraft aluminum, chromed steel, nickel plated steel and stainless steel.

Our precision laser can mark stainless steel, chromed steel, aircraft aluminum, tungsten alloys, titanium, and many other metals. Our markings service are used for corporate logos, promotional items, serialization, part identification & ID asset management, signs, id plates and tags.



We can transfer your complicated designs, logos and photos to wood with laser marking, cutting and engraving. Curves and sharp corners can be laser cut with wonderful precision.
Our laser system can produce high resolution engravings that simply cannot be replicated by competing methods. With our 3D laser feature we can create a 3D effect on wood from a grayscale drawing or photograph.


Gasket Material / Rubber

Rubber is a great material for laser engraving and cutting as you can perform precision cuts at very tight tolerances. Produce gaskets from a wide variety of materials using our precision laser processes.



Paper Cutting, Marking, Engraving

Paper can be laser cut for precise control on curves and tight corners. Papers of varying thickness can also be laser engraved to produce unique effects. Laser engraving adds beautiful texture and style to mat board, paper and cardstock.
Create mock-ups, short-run packaging and P-O-P displays without dies. Precise cuts and sharp curves are easy to produce with our laser system. Produce specialty die cuts and perform multiple processes in the same work area, including through-cutting, perforating and scoring. Business reports and other collateral pieces take on a whole new look with laser die cuts. Eliminate post-finishing and add dimension to visual communication items.



Plastics are a great material for laser engraving and cutting as you can perform precision cuts at very tight tolerances. Produce custom designs from a wide variety of plastics and acrylics using our precision laser processes.


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Our Guarantee

We guarantee our craftsmanship without compromise.

Chris Henjum

President, Hydrafab NW

At Hydrafab NW, we manufacture sophisticated parts for the bio-tech industry and for the food and beverage industry. Our customers often request their companies logo or asset ID numbers be applied to the parts. We utilize Southeast Laser Etching for their precision laser marking and their commitment to quality.

Bethany Weightman

Co-Owner, ScanMyPetPls!

At the start of our business, we made the decision to partner with Southeast Laser Etching.

Our product requires high quality engraving and attention to detail. Southeast Laser Etching provides both, with a turn-around time that always exceeds our expectations! ”

Pam W.

Happy Customer

Excellent - quality service with an amazing turn around. Bonus - Cliff and Ann are wonderfully warm people. This was the second time Cliff provided etching services for us - first time a pair of wooden pen cases for wedding reception sign-ins and the second time was for etched glasses for a graduation. Both small jobs were beautiful and quick. We'll definitely be back again.

Samples Of Our Work

We have worked with individuals for gift giving, small businesses
for marketing projects and large corporations for employee or customer appreciation.


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If you have a creative project in mind, get in contact with Southeast Laser Etching today! When it comes to quality Laser Etching, Laser Engraving, Cerakote, Parts Marking and more, we are the first you should call. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

9878 Main St #110
Woodstock, GA 30188

Phone: 770-864-4618


Our Mission

Southeast Laser Etching offers precision laser marking & engraving solutions that enables you to personalize products or merchandise for you, your company or your customers.

Our services offer the ideal solution for developing a corporate or personal identity on manufactured parts or promotional items. Laser processing offers unique ways to produce corporate logos, artwork, and messaging!

9878 Main St #110
Woodstock, GA 30188
(Our building is the one behind Napa Auto Parts. We are on the left side of the building.)

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