Customized RTIC Tumbler

The customized RTIC Tumbler is one of the hottest outdoor items on the market. Similar to the Yeti Tumbler, the RTIC Tumbler is design to keep your hot beverages hot, and your cold beverages cold for many hours.

There have been a number of test run that compare the Yeti Rambler vs. the RTIC Cooler. In most tests, the results show that both products will keep a beverage cold for over 24 hours.

A Customized RTIC Tumbler can have graphics added to the exterior. We do this by first uploading a graphic or text combination into our proprietary software. We then apply a spray compound to the area that will receive the graphic marking. The laser reacts with the compound and marks the stainless steel mug with a permanent graphic.

A Customized RTIC Tumbler makes a great gift for business, small groups, family and friends. Send us your RTIC Tumbler, and we’ll add the customization and send them back to you.