Unique Laser Etching for Wood and Stainless Steel

Laser etching can be used for both wood and stainless steel. This allows the etching process to be competed on two different types of surfaces. This enables the customer so choose from a variety of objects to add their special personalization to. When customizing a design for wood, it is important to ensure a laser etcher is used.

Laser etching wood is easy and simple for customers. Customers simply select the surface they would like to etch their design on to. Some of the most common designs that are used include initials, sporting team logos and college logos. These designs are often used for mugs and travel cups. This helps everyone to notice your favorite team or favorite number while you go about your day. This also helps your items to be personalized just for you.

Personalizing items has been able to create unique one of a kind items that no one else has. For example, if you customize your favorite travel mug, no one else will have the exact same mug as you. You are able to show off your beautiful custom pieces. Some of the most popular techniques to choose from during etching include the shape of the design and the size of the design. Some customers may want their logo or design to be big while others may want it to be small. The end result is based off the customer’s preference. Customers may want their initials on the back of an item such as a picture frame or glass dish. There are endless customization choices for all different types of customers.

Each customer is able to select their favorite type of design sizes to select from. Customers can also book an appointment to decide if they would like their designs etched onto wood, stainless steel or both. This enables the customer to have a hands-on experience. They are able to ensure they like the design before moving forward. The design will not fade or tarnish over time.

The main reason why laser etching designs do not fade is because they are deeper than the surface level. For example, classic personalization uses ink that stays on the first layer of the item. With traditional wear and tear, that layer of ink wears off until eventually it is completely gone. This is not the case with laser etching. Laser etching wood allows the item to be customize by removing a thin layer at the top and etching it with the correct design.

Whether customers want to use laser etching wood or laser etching stainless steel, they can incorporate their favorite personal designs no matter what. Each design is built to last and comes with a unique etched feel to each and every product. Etching is different than the most traditional personalization methods. Laser etching is a new and innovative technology that can be used in all different scenarios. There are endless choices when it comes to new laser etching for customers. Southeast Laser Etching allows their customers to create their favorite designs and logos on their favorite items is the best way to ensure success.